Why Choose Karndean: Domestic Or Commercial Flooring

Nottingham Flooring Installer.

Karndean V’s Other Flooring:

Compare Karndean Flooring With Wood, Stone, Marble and Ceramics

This guide is designed to help you make the right choice between Karndean and natural flooring products.

Karndean Flooring V’s Wooden Flooring:

Karndean give you all the visual qualities of natural wood:

  • Natural timber may vary in quality. It can expand, warp and shrink –  Karndean maintains its shape throughout its lifetime
  • Wood may expand, warp and shrink due to temperature changes, and if it gets wet you can be in real trouble -Karndean can handle changes in temperature and spills of water

Karndean Flooring V’s Stone, Marble & Ceramic Flooring:

  • Natural stone/Marble can be hard to manage and heavy, weight is a problem if you want to fit upstairs – Karndean is light weight and flexible and easier to install into awkward spaces
  • Stone, marble and ceramics are hard and cold to touch especially during the winter month -Karndean is warmer and softer under foot
  • Stone, marble and ceramics can be slippery – Karndean is textured and can help to avoid slippery surfaces, especially in areas like the bathroom, kitchen, hall or utility
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Flooring for Hazelford Residential Care – Behind The Scenes

Nottingham Flooring Project: Care home Kitchen

Behind the scenes of this beautiful residential home overlooking the River Trent, is a busy kitchen which provides breakfast lunch and dinner for all of the residents.

The flooring selected for this area was Altro Contrax.

Safety flooring from Altro provides a high standard of safety and hygiene:

  • Slip-resistant, even when wet, throughout lifetime of floor
  • Impervious surface, grout-free
  • Coves to wall joints for rounded corners
  • Contains Altrosan integral bacteriostat to combat bacterial growth
This project was completed in 2 phases, working closely with the kitchen staff,  an early start was required to ensure that normal service  was provided with no disruption for guests.
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Nottingham Flooring Contract – Hazleford Residential Home

Nottingham Flooring Project : Care Home Guest Rooms

Hazelford Residential Home is an established residential home for the elderly in a beautiful rural area, overlooking the River Trent at Bleasby, Nottingham.

The rooms are tastefully decorated, with high quality furnishings, so the guests enjoy the winter years of their lives in comfort.

To achieve these high standards, decor and carpets are updated to ensure that the standard of the accommodation is maintained.

During my recent visit, I fitted carpets to 3 newly decorated bedrooms each room is has an en-suite, ensuring guests can enjoy their privacy and make their room their own.

The carpet chosen were hard-wearing benefiting from a totally impervious backing and are produced using 100% BCF polypropylene which is resistant to bleach and staining.

These carpets offer a ranges of colours and are specially developed to co-ordinate with a wide selection of flame retardant fabrics, modern and traditional designs which give greater flexibility when making a selection.

Polyflor For Safety In Wet Areas – Nottingham Floor Layer

Safety Flooring – Polysafe

 Polyfsafe Hydro & Polysafe Hydro Evolve

The Polysafe Hydro and Hydro Evolve flooring ranges are specially designed with a raised profile and are suitable for barefoot and continually wet areas such as walk-in showers, changing room facilities, bathrooms and indoor swimming pool surrounds.

Polysafe hydro is used  in major use areas such as healthcare & education: available in 8 aqueous colours.

Polysafe Hydro Evolve is a clear decorative safety floor with multi-coloured chips and co-ordinating aggregates for sustainable slip resistance: available in 8 light subtle colours.

For more information on Polysafe Hydro and Hydro Evolve Contact Us.

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New Polysafe Modena PUR

Safety Flooring With A Decorative Smooth Appearance

Polysafe Modena PUR, this is Polyflor’s newest high clarity vinyl safety flooring – bringing interior design schemes to life.

Polysafe Modena PUR feature a unique, micro-granite decoration with ‘invisible’ safety aggregates,  it’s sophisticated and subtle accent hues create a welcoming yet safe feel to commercial, institutional or residential areas. To the naked eye, Modena PUR looks like a decorative smooth vinyl – the slip resistant particles provide a fully fledged safety floor with slip resistance assured throughout the guaranteed life of the product. Polysafe PUR reinforcement ensures Modena can look spotless day in, day out, providing durable & superior cleaning benefits.

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Inspired by Wood – Karndean

Karndean Design – Inspired By Wood

Karndean VanGogh - Walnut
Karndean Van Gogh – Walnut


Mark Tulley Flooring provides a wide range of wood effect design flooring by Karndean.

Karndean ranges:

Mark Tulley Flooring have recently installed 50 sqm of Van Gogh Walnut wood planks in an open plan living space, offering and endless expanse of richly coloured flooring against a modern backdrop of open plan living. Van Gogh Walnut flooring offers quality & realism with its multi-tonal colour & textured tiles.

There are many options when choosing Karndean Inspired By Wood, with a large selection of wood effects and plank sizes including parquet available (varies by range).

If you wish to personalise and create a unique floor, this can be achieved by adding striking boarders and design strips to give the effect of grout. All boarders, key squares and design strips are available in a variety of colours and sizes. These design components can be used to enhance the colour scheme of your room.

If you would like to view samples or discuss your requirements Contact Us

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New Home Or Simply Re – decorating?

Karndean – Floors To Make Your Home Unique

When making over your home Karndean design flooring can enhance your home:

Kitchen: the hardworking hub of your home, Karndean has everything from rustic timber effects to smooth classic marble. It’s not porous or cold to the touch, it’s easy to maintain so if you accidentally drop or spill something a quick mop should do the trick.

Hallway: What better way to make a good first impression than by adding borders, design strips or by using unusual laying patterns with wood or stone effect tiles – your hallway will make the right impression.

Conservatory: Traditionally built to make the most of the sun, nowadays conservatories offer vital extra space whether it’s for dining, playroom or a relaxing space to sit and read this room is utilised all year round. Karndean offers a range of over 150 floors with arrange of textures to suit all.

Utility Room: This room needs to work hard; Karndean is guaranteed to last for years providing a functional good looking easy to maintain floor that can cope with the daily workload of a busy family household.

Bedroom: Create a relaxing space using the natural look of Karndean wood or stone, using paler tones to add light making your bedroom a haven of relaxation.

Bathroom: Add a touch of luxury with Karndean stone and marble floor or bring nature into the bathroom with Karndean wood. Easy to maintain with a quick mop to banish wet footprints or the splashing of children playing in the bath.

Living Room: Usually the biggest room in the house make an impression by highlighting architectural features or make a statement by adding borders or bespoke features.

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Healthcare – Hygienic Flooring

Polyflor – Healthcare


There are many performance requirements for health care flooring. Polyflor offer an extensive range of floor coverings to meet the multiple needs of healthcare.

Infection control is the pivotal concern for the healthcare sector ensuring floorcoverings are hygienic, safe, practical and fit for purpose. For high risk area’s a continuous, impervious floorcovering that offers no sanctuary for bacteria or dirt is required. This can be achieved by using sheet vinyl that can be welded including external and internal joints when the vinyl is cove formed. Cove formers and capping strips offer a clean solution for the junction where the floor meets the wall making cleaning more effective.

Polyflor offer an extensive range of floor coverings to meet the multiple needs of healthcare.

Polyflor Pearlazzo PUR – high performance, heavy duty, Lifetime polish free maintenance regime and contemporary colourways.

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Polyflor Forest fx PUR – Developed from authentic reproductions of popular wood designs, developed for very heavy commercial installations and features polyurethane reinforcement (PUR) for improved cleaning and maintenance and  features polyurethane reinforcement (PUR) for improved cleaning and maintenance.


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Polysafe Ecomax – Incorporates 25% recycled material and 100% recyclable , slip resistance assured throughout the guaranteed life of the product with coloured quartz and silicon carbide particles incorporated through the vinyl to improve traction and safety underfoot

Polysafe Standard PUR – Reinforced with Polysafe PUR for optimum appearance retention with slip resistance assured throughout the guaranteed life of the product.


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Karndean Design Flooring

Karndean – Iconic

Michaelangelo Andalucian Opal

This tile offers a unique Spanish Pebble design and forms part of the Karndean Iconic collection. offering a modern twist on a classic material, each 12″ x 12″ tile comes pre-formed with a wide border and corner detail composed of smaller pebbles, increasing the overall size to 15″ x 15″.
Why not make a statement in your home by choosing Karndean Adalucian Opal for your Conservatory, Kitchen or Bathroom.

The Michelangelo range has a 15 year residential guarantee and is easy and cost effective to clean and maintain.  A weekly mop using water and a pH neutral cleaner is all that’s required to keep your floors free of dirt, Karndean tiles are resistant to staining.



Commercial Carpets

Carpets – Commercial

Hospi Safe bleach and stain resistant


Hospitals and care homes carpets are a demanding sector of the market and require carpets that are resilient and easy to clean.

Hospi Collection is designed for use in all healthcare areas. All carpets have impervious backing and are produced using 100% BCF polypropylene which is resistant to bleach and staining.

The Hospi Range offer modern and traditional designs which give greater flexibility when making a selection.

Office Carpets and Carpet Tiles

Office carpets: our cut pile and loop pile ranges combine functionally with style and originality and in a complimentary palette of vibrant shades. Designed to be hard wearing, high performance and suitable for any application within the commercial, corporate and office environment.

Hardwearing Carpet Tiles

School Carpets

School carpets need to be cost effective, whilst being extremely hard wearing and practical. Mark Tulley Flooring offer a range of fibre bonded carpet with unique patterning, designed to be pupil and student friendly.

Tretford Carpet and tiles are particularly suitable as a school carpet.

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