Polyflor Polysafe Standard PUR – Primary School Bathrooms

Polyflor Polysafe Standard PUR

Project: Primary School bathrooms

Flooring used – Polyflor Polysafe Standard PUR Cool Aqua.

Schools are busy places – children spend approx 635 hours per school year in the classroom. There’s a risk of spills or wetness, as lots of children using the bathrooms daily. Safety flooring was chosen to reduce the risk of slips an falls. I’ts slip resistance and durability make it the perfect choice.

By coving the flooring up the wall this has provided a floor that looks good and is easy to clean.

Polyflor Polysafe Standard

Polysafe Cool Aqua



Polyflor Polysafe Standard PUR is popular safety vinyl range. It combine slip resistance with durability for years of performance.

It’s suitable for heavy traffic areas  – such as washrooms, W.C.’s, classrooms and kitchens.







Polysafe Standard PUR is available in 16 colours, the range incorporates safety aggregates in the vinyl to create a safe yet attractive looking floor.

Click here for shade chart 



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