Polyflor Polysafe Standard PUR – Primary School Bathrooms

Polyflor Polysafe Standard PUR

Project: Primary School bathrooms

Flooring used – Polyflor Polysafe Standard PUR Cool Aqua.

Schools are busy places – children spend approx 635 hours per school year in the classroom. There’s a risk of spills or wetness, as lots of children using the bathrooms daily. Safety flooring was chosen to reduce the risk of slips an falls. I’ts slip resistance and durability make it the perfect choice.

By coving the flooring up the wall this has provided a floor that looks good and is easy to clean.

Polyflor Polysafe Standard

Polysafe Cool Aqua



Polyflor Polysafe Standard PUR is popular safety vinyl range. It combine slip resistance with durability for years of performance.

It’s suitable for heavy traffic areas  – such as washrooms, W.C.’s, classrooms and kitchens.







Polysafe Standard PUR is available in 16 colours, the range incorporates safety aggregates in the vinyl to create a safe yet attractive looking floor.

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Derbyshire Contract Flooring – Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut – Ilkeston, Derbyshire

For food preparation & food service area’s, hygiene is the priority. Why safety flooring from Altro?

Altro slip-resistant safety flooring  meets the highest standards of safety and hygiene.

  • Slip-resistant, even when wet
  • Impervious surface, grout-free
  • Coves to wall joints for rounded corners
  • Contains Altrosan integral bacteriostat to combat bacterial growth
  • Resilient surface, comfortable underfoot, contributes to reduced ambient noise levels

Altro ContraX  has an appealing colour range, whilst offering excellent value for money.

Karndean Flooring – Domestic / Residential Flooring In Derbyshire

Project: Kitchen Flooring, Dining Room Flooring, Office and Downstairs Cloakroom Flooring – Long Eaton Domestic Flooring.


Tile Selected: Karndean Van Gogh – Burnt Ginger.

Van Gogh planks reflect the natural variance and character of natural woods. Rather than looking uniform, each plank has its own individual grain and appearance.

The large planks have a distinctive grain detail and a subtle texture, these are straight laid to give style, with a feeling of space and warmth through out.

Karndean Van Gogh Burnt Ginger is a mid wood colour. Mid woods are perfect for neutral colour schemes and suit both modern and older properties, adding warmth to modern properties and bring back tradition to older properties.

Karndean inspired by wood offer ranges to suit all budgets.

Contract Flooring: Health Centres Throughout Nottingham

Nottingham Installation, Hygienic Slip Resistant Flooring

Altro ContraX Installation For Nottingham Health Centres.

Altro safety flooring is widely used in education, healthcare, public, commercial, industrial and military establishments. Each product in the range is designed to meet specific flooring needs as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.

Altro ContraX is a quality budget slip resistant safety flooring. It offers excellent value for money incorporating bacteriostat for enhanced hygiene and satisfies the safety needs of staff and visitors. Designed for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Recent Installations In Nottingham:

Sneinton Health Centre

Seaton House, NHS Walk in Centre

Meadows Health Centre

Old Basford Health Centre

Nottingham Contract Flooring: Eastcroft Depot Nottingham Part 1

Contract Flooring, Nottingham

Polysafe Ultima

Polysafe Ultima is 100% recyclable and contains recycled material.

Recent Installations:

Eastcroft Depot London Road Nottingham.

Polysafe Ultima was the clear flooring choice due to its enhanced slip resistance and proven use within busy  areas.

 This depot provides maintenance workers & refuse collectors with canteen, locker and shower facilities. Part one of this project was to fit none slip flooring to the stairs and corridors – this building has a heavy footfall of workers who may have been working outdoors in all conditions. Polysafe Ultima offers the perfect solution with sustainable slip resistance to help provide underfoot safety, making this the ideal floor covering for this working space. Fully compliant with Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Guidelines, this flexible floor covering can be coved and welded – Seam welding achieves an impervious and hygienic finish and Ultima’s slip resistance is assured throughout the guaranteed life of the product with a simple maintenance regime.


Polysafe Ultima Range Shades

Nottingham Contract Flooring: Derby Road Health Centre, Nottingham.

Nottingham Flooring Project: Nurses Room

Polyflor offer an extensive range of floor coverings to meet the multiple needs of healthcare.

Heathcare floor coverings need to be hygienic, safe, practical and fit for purpose.

Infection control is  the main priority when providing flooring for health care. By using cove former, the opportunity for bacteria and dirt to collect is reduced. Cleaning is more effective as all joints are welded and capping strips used to offer a clean solution for the junction where the floor meets the wall.

flooring used : Polyflor Standard XL

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Why Choose Karndean: Domestic Or Commercial Flooring

Nottingham Flooring Installer.

Karndean V’s Other Flooring:

Compare Karndean Flooring With Wood, Stone, Marble and Ceramics

This guide is designed to help you make the right choice between Karndean and natural flooring products.

Karndean Flooring V’s Wooden Flooring:

Karndean give you all the visual qualities of natural wood:

  • Natural timber may vary in quality. It can expand, warp and shrink –  Karndean maintains its shape throughout its lifetime
  • Wood may expand, warp and shrink due to temperature changes, and if it gets wet you can be in real trouble -Karndean can handle changes in temperature and spills of water

Karndean Flooring V’s Stone, Marble & Ceramic Flooring:

  • Natural stone/Marble can be hard to manage and heavy, weight is a problem if you want to fit upstairs – Karndean is light weight and flexible and easier to install into awkward spaces
  • Stone, marble and ceramics are hard and cold to touch especially during the winter month -Karndean is warmer and softer under foot
  • Stone, marble and ceramics can be slippery – Karndean is textured and can help to avoid slippery surfaces, especially in areas like the bathroom, kitchen, hall or utility
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Flooring for Hazelford Residential Care – Behind The Scenes

Nottingham Flooring Project: Care home Kitchen

Behind the scenes of this beautiful residential home overlooking the River Trent, is a busy kitchen which provides breakfast lunch and dinner for all of the residents.

The flooring selected for this area was Altro Contrax.

Safety flooring from Altro provides a high standard of safety and hygiene:

  • Slip-resistant, even when wet, throughout lifetime of floor
  • Impervious surface, grout-free
  • Coves to wall joints for rounded corners
  • Contains Altrosan integral bacteriostat to combat bacterial growth
This project was completed in 2 phases, working closely with the kitchen staff,  an early start was required to ensure that normal service  was provided with no disruption for guests.
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Nottingham Flooring Contract – Hazleford Residential Home

Nottingham Flooring Project : Care Home Guest Rooms

Hazelford Residential Home is an established residential home for the elderly in a beautiful rural area, overlooking the River Trent at Bleasby, Nottingham.

The rooms are tastefully decorated, with high quality furnishings, so the guests enjoy the winter years of their lives in comfort.

To achieve these high standards, decor and carpets are updated to ensure that the standard of the accommodation is maintained.

During my recent visit, I fitted carpets to 3 newly decorated bedrooms each room is has an en-suite, ensuring guests can enjoy their privacy and make their room their own.

The carpet chosen were hard-wearing benefiting from a totally impervious backing and are produced using 100% BCF polypropylene which is resistant to bleach and staining.

These carpets offer a ranges of colours and are specially developed to co-ordinate with a wide selection of flame retardant fabrics, modern and traditional designs which give greater flexibility when making a selection.

Polyflor For Safety In Wet Areas – Nottingham Floor Layer

Safety Flooring – Polysafe

 Polyfsafe Hydro & Polysafe Hydro Evolve

The Polysafe Hydro and Hydro Evolve flooring ranges are specially designed with a raised profile and are suitable for barefoot and continually wet areas such as walk-in showers, changing room facilities, bathrooms and indoor swimming pool surrounds.

Polysafe hydro is used  in major use areas such as healthcare & education: available in 8 aqueous colours.

Polysafe Hydro Evolve is a clear decorative safety floor with multi-coloured chips and co-ordinating aggregates for sustainable slip resistance: available in 8 light subtle colours.

For more information on Polysafe Hydro and Hydro Evolve Contact Us.

Click images to view Polysafe Hydro colour chart or Hydro Evolve Brochure