Why Choose Karndean: Domestic Or Commercial Flooring

Nottingham Flooring Installer.

Karndean V’s Other Flooring:

Compare Karndean Flooring With Wood, Stone, Marble and Ceramics

This guide is designed to help you make the right choice between Karndean and natural flooring products.

Karndean Flooring V’s Wooden Flooring:

Karndean give you all the visual qualities of natural wood:

  • Natural timber may vary in quality. It can expand, warp and shrink –  Karndean maintains its shape throughout its lifetime
  • Wood may expand, warp and shrink due to temperature changes, and if it gets wet you can be in real trouble -Karndean can handle changes in temperature and spills of water

Karndean Flooring V’s Stone, Marble & Ceramic Flooring:

  • Natural stone/Marble can be hard to manage and heavy, weight is a problem if you want to fit upstairs – Karndean is light weight and flexible and easier to install into awkward spaces
  • Stone, marble and ceramics are hard and cold to touch especially during the winter month -Karndean is warmer and softer under foot
  • Stone, marble and ceramics can be slippery – Karndean is textured and can help to avoid slippery surfaces, especially in areas like the bathroom, kitchen, hall or utility
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