Safety Flooring – Polysafe Standard

Safety Flooring -Hygienic Food Production Area

Safety Flooring – Polysafe Standard:

Safety flooring is designed to reduce the chance of slipping. Making Polysafe standard the perfect choice for a busy food preparation area.

In any food preparation area there is always a risk of spills:

  • Water
  • Milk
  • Oil
  • Food particles
  • Flour

Spills may be liquid, but are often food particles, dry rather than wet preventing the foot making contact with the floor and increases the risk of slipping.

As well as spills, liquids evaporates into the air, cool and settle onto the floor



Polysafe Standard - Ash Grey

Safety Flooring

Polysafe Standard - Safety Flooring Shade Card

Polysafe Standard – Safety Flooring Shade Card

Click here to see full shade card

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